Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

Category: Browsville

  • Yusef Sirius El: “Im A Beast In Footwear Design”

    “I’ve been an artist since I was 2” Yusef Sirius El is a a man of many talents. Painter, musician but he is known for his success as a footwear designer.  Name the brand..Adidas, Nike, ENYCE, he has designed for them. Millions have worn his designs. Our conversation covers the story of Yusef, footwear designer.

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  • John Forte “Drifting On”

     I bumped into John Forte on Spring street, Soho. We were going in opposite directions, though Jon was cool of enough to share a story and conversation on the fly. John Forte talks about his life,  The Fugees, time in prison, his godson, where he is today and advice.

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