Life Lessons From A Tribeca Homeless Man

 “When I first became homeless, I use to pray that I die for 6 months…that was back in ’87” Jerry,52, may be homeless but his mind isnt. I met Jerry in Tribeca. Our conversation is inspiring to say the least.  The street lights are on a timer. They come on and off every 2 minutes. Jerry’s face begins to appear at the :35 second mark. He shares his story, a new year’s resolution, tips if you become homelsss, this favorite Bible passage and strongly suggests that everyone “diversify their finances”.

Stacey Mckenzie in NYC for Teen Vogue University & Psoriasis Awareness Month 

Yesterday, I ran into Stacey McKenzie during her 1 day in NYC. She was the only model asked to speak at the Teen Vogue Fashion University alongside fashion big names such as Vera Wang, Anna Wintour and Jason Wu. In addition,October being Psoriasis Awareness Month, the super model and former Canada’s Next Top Model judge and coach has been touring Canada with Psoriasis Connections, sharing her experience and helping others find more information on the condition. I filmed my first interview w Stacey over the summer. Stacey’s story has to be the most inspiring “my small story” i have filmed.

Stacey McKenzie: The Scout, Jean Paul Gaultier, Workshops & Passion

I randomly met up with Stacey. Like many I know of Stacey but until now I did not really know her story. Stacey shares her inspiring story of passion as her anchor to accomplish her goal of being a model although everyone told her she did not have the “look”. Stacey McKenzie (born in Kingston, Jamaica) is a global fashion model living in Toronto. She is a runway coach and most recently a model coach and judge on the Canadian reality television show Canada’s Next Top Model. After being told, early in her career, that she was too distinctive for the Canadian market, she moved to New York. She was immediately picked up by Elite Model Management. Unprepared for the challenges of a modeling career, McKenzie returned to Canada and finished high school. In 1995, she moved to Paris, France to pursue modeling further. During her first season, she modeled for top designers including Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler and Christian Lacroix. She also landed her first campaign with photographer Oliviero Toscani for Benetton. In the wake of her initial success in Paris, McKenzie was commissioned to work in markets around the globe including Paris, London, Italy, Austria, US and Japan. She worked for Alexander McQueen, Betsey Johnson, Tommy Hilfiger, Todd Oldham, Michiko Koshino and Jean Paul Gaultier. Her magazine covers include Essence, Le Monde and Panache, as well as editorials in Vogue (US, Japan, Korea, Britain, Spain), Harper’s Bazaar, Interview, Flare, Fashion, and Vibe. She has appeared in a number of major campaigns including Calvin Klein CK, Jean Paul Gaultier, MAC, Mexx, Reebok, Todd Oldham Jeans, Nordstrom, Barneys, and Banana Republic.

Contra Magazine: Canadian Entrepreneurs, Global Culture & Creative Freedom

Meet Trung Hoang, Founder & Editor-in-Chief & Glenn Manucdoc, Creative Director. The guys behind Contra Magazine -Global Culture via Toronto. The kind of people one meets while taking a walk around NYC. Our conversation ranges from Toronto/global culture to video games and kush inspired ideas. Launched in 2008 out of Toronto, THINK CONTRA began as an idea to produce a slick, multi-media publication that is forward, creative, and original. Exploring contemporary urban culture from the creative class’ point of view, THINK CONTRA is a network of artists, photographers, designers, stylists, illustrators, writers and bloggers contemplating ideas, people, and lifestyles.

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