Dr. Dax on Occupy Miami, Frank151, ATL, Bansky & SnortThis.com

 I bumped into my boy Christian Alexander in NOLITA. He said meet Dax. He has a small story for you. “I’m from Atlanta, Ga,man..I do Snortthis.com. Im apart of the Dungeon Family thats Outkast, Goodie Mob. Im a painter. I do murals. I make videos and I’m here in NY to do a gallery show. Its called Outlaw at the Whitebox.”

Dr. Dax — real name Dax Rudnak — is an Atlanta graffiti artist and painter. He has directs music videos for the Dungeon Family’s Outkast and Big Boi. Our conversation covers his mistaken arrest during Miami’s Art Basel, his story,  documentary on history of ATL, Bansky and the story behind Snortthis.com.

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