Omar Hakim “There is a science behind the favorite is Vic Firth.”

Omar Hakim is one of the best drummers alive. What’s the story behind his drumsticks? He has drummed for Patty Labelle, Dire Straits, Sting and Daft Punk to name a few. He has been using the same drumstick brand for over 30 years. Omar shares the story of meeting Vic Firth 30 years ago, theContinue reading “Omar Hakim “There is a science behind the favorite is Vic Firth.””

DJ Rich Medina: Jump N’ Funkin’ For Fela Kuti & Teaching At Cornell University

“Fela Kuti is the James Brown of Africa. We have been pushing the idea that Afrobeat is apart of Black history for 13 years”. Rich Medina introduced a whole generation of dancers to Fela Kuti and Afrobeat with his Jump N’ Funk parties. The party has been branded “the first and most consistent DJ-based partyContinue reading “DJ Rich Medina: Jump N’ Funkin’ For Fela Kuti & Teaching At Cornell University”

New York Small Businesses, Residents During Sandy #East Village Feedback

Thursday afternoon I took a stroll from Delancey to Union Square. At Clinton & Houston, I talked with the owner art-bar Culture Fix. Then met a homelss crew that shared some advice for those temporarily homeless. As I was walking up 1st avenue, I noticed about 30 or so people standing around outside 100 yearContinue reading “New York Small Businesses, Residents During Sandy #East Village Feedback”

Sxip Shirey @New Museum Block Party 2012 (NYC)

 Sxip Shirey describes his music as “John Cage makes love to a circus while listening to Public Enemy”.  I filmed the atmosphere of the New Museum Block Party to the flow of Sxip’s flute. Sxip Shirey is a composer and performer who lives in New York City. Ecstatic melodies, unimaginable sounds, and deep beats areContinue reading “Sxip Shirey @New Museum Block Party 2012 (NYC)”

The Little Shoe Store , New and Vintage Ladies Shoes In Sizes 3-6 Only (NYC)

 Walking along Orchard street, I was intrigued by the name of the shop and sizes. So I popped in and met the owner Cindy. She and her partner opened The Little Shoe Store a week ago. “My small story is that I have very small feet and have always had trouble finding shoes so theContinue reading “The Little Shoe Store , New and Vintage Ladies Shoes In Sizes 3-6 Only (NYC)”

Mike Mckee: Muay Thai Boxing From Manchester To NYC

 “My small story today, actually everyday I train people thai boxing downtown midtown. I just finished training some guys now. I love doing what Im doing. I love training people..I love teaching people the martial arts. I get a lot out of it,  hopefully they get a lot out of it. I’ve been doing forContinue reading “Mike Mckee: Muay Thai Boxing From Manchester To NYC”

The Measure of Michael Anthony Pegues

 Michael Anthony Pegues, a fixture of the downtown art scene and true NY icon has finally found a home at FB Gallery to present his vision. “My small story is that as an artist I relied on a lot of things and that one thing was creating something on canvas.” The Measure of an ArtistContinue reading “The Measure of Michael Anthony Pegues”

The Inspiration Behind K-narf’s Yummy Yami Exhibition

“Art is a way to keep memory of things.”  Inspired by the true and fascinating story of Issei Sagawa, a Japanese man who engaged in acts of cannibalism while living in Paris, K-narf pushes the limits of how sex is portrayed in art—insisting on creating a jarring dialogue between images and the story behind them.Continue reading “The Inspiration Behind K-narf’s Yummy Yami Exhibition”

Artist K-narf , “Its FRANK reversed.”

“What is interesting too is to look at tomorrow better than to look at yesterday . we need to know what happen yesterday to be able to do what will be tomorrow.”  We met at a Williamsburg bar via my friend Louisa. They are both in town for his NYC exhibition at the FB galleryContinue reading “Artist K-narf , “Its FRANK reversed.””

Harley-Davidson, The Story Behind the Video

 I came across Harley-Davidson filming a video in SOHO for their new bikes.  Joe, the manager of the NYC dealership, shares the story. “The main question we get asked a lot is how much do they cost..the stereotype is that Harley-Davidson are $50,000 but they start at 8 and the most popular is the IronContinue reading “Harley-Davidson, The Story Behind the Video”