Stylist Jason Rembert@ Rocawear PopUp Shop (NOLITA)

“Do stay classic. Do stay original. Do know your lane. Know your lane and follow it!” Jay Z’s fashion brand Rocawear set-up a temporary shop on Mulberry street to gift special friends and Jason had a line of people waiting to be styled by him. I had to ask Jason his story. Our conversation covers urban fashion, how “being exposed to VIBE” influenced his career; top swag cities in the world, the value of a stylist; the dos & dont’s and being a minority in fashion.

Jason’s current editorial work can be seen in the pages of Vogue, Giant, Prestige International, Vibe, Fashion Queen, Florida International, Uptown, V Man, Ebony, and H magazine. The joy of styling for him lies in creating a well-executed image, one that cleverly combines elements of classic style, with a fresh modern twist.  He believes it’s his determination that distinguishes him, his ability to maneuver through any and all obstacles to produce his best work.

Thanks to Rocawear and Jason for adding some swag to my wardrobe, which consist mostly of Robert Graham.

Rocawear converted the Openhouse Gallery on Mulberry street into a temporary Rocawear Style Suite.

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