Life Lessons From A Tribeca Homeless Man

 “When I first became homeless, I use to pray that I die for 6 months…that was back in ’87” Jerry,52, may be homeless but his mind isnt. I met Jerry in Tribeca. Our conversation is inspiring to say the least.  The street lights are on a timer. They come on and off every 2 minutes. Jerry’s face begins to appear at the :35 second mark. He shares his story, a new year’s resolution, tips if you become homelsss, this favorite Bible passage and strongly suggests that everyone “diversify their finances”.

My Small Story Mix: Detroit To NYC

Detroit Inspired. NYC Executed. The initial stories I filmed in my hometown of Detroit have grown into over 100 NYC stories. This is a mix of clips from 12  stories: Motown to Grotown (a conversation @Detroit hospital is the impetus for , Schott Free (former LOUD a&R, think Wutang, MoBB Deep), Stacey Mckenzie (Model/Entrepreneur told she was “too ugly to be” the supermodel she is today), Steven Mark Klein (New Yorker), Georgia (Family Beauty Business), Omar Dubois (Culture writer, traveler), Beans (Music artist@Label store), Openhouse Gallery (NYC’s #1 pop up space/experimential marketing), Uplifting Men (Homeless Activist), Samia & I@World Cup (unbeknownst to us, samia is 2-3 weeks pregnant with our daughter Chloe), Hussein Warmack (Founder, Nu South Lemonade) and Amel Larrieux (music artist loved by many, I first met Amel while filming the making of GURU’s Jazzmatazz).

Joshua Griffler: Changing Baby Diapers 101

I bumped into longtime friend J Griff , founder of The Stache Group Collective, Jets Fan and new Dad on NYC’s Spring Street for an animated conversation on being a father. “The first month of childhood be calm..keep it lax..that scream..that first scream will shake you to your core like u aint been shook in a longtime..but you see what life is all about.” And then he gives a great visual demonstration on the art of changing diapers. J Griff..Good People!

Maya Contreras: Drummer, Author & Editor-In-Chief of The Dirty Durty Diary

 Born in Denver, Maya grew up in a creative family. She has done everything in the arts from writing, performance to management. We had a refreshing conversation at NYC’s Gramercy Park Hotel about her novel “The Him Book: One Woman’s Almost Religious Search to Find the One” ,   NYC , Family, longer editorial, Jeffrey Wright and the story behind her bi-annual print magazine THE DDD – Dirty Durty Diary. As an Artist Manager, Maya has worked with distinguished stage and film composers including, Marvin Hamlisch who received an Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, Tony, Golden Globe and Pulitzer Prize, as well as Bill Conti, an Oscar and three-time Emmy winner and one of Hollywood’s most sought-after composers and conductors.As a musician, Maya has worked with producer Dallas Austin, Professor Griff, composed the music for the Jomadi/Crossroads production of Six from the Rainbow, and was a student of Grammy Award winning drummer Woody Williams.

As a professional writer Maya has covered everything from New York Nightlife to the current climate of the music industry. Her interview credits include: Legendary MCs- KRS-ONE and Pharoahe Monch, Editor-in-Chief of Complex, Noah Callahan-Bever, Editor-in-Chief of the Austin Chronically and Founder of SXSW Louis Black, playwright and actor Paul Stoval-Oakley (Clear, Metamorphoses, The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci), actor Amina Robinson (Precious, Mamma Mia), Award Winning Director and Producer Jeremy Simmons (Trans-Generation, Eyes of Tammy Faye, One Punk Under God, and The Last Beekeeper) and legendary New York Graffiti crew The Tats Cru.

Harlem Renaissance High School w Street Corner Resources (WBLS.Com)

 The Kid’s are alright! I shadowed Iesha of Street Corner Resources at Harlem Renaissance High School for their 1st annual Video Expo. The students created videos to enhance their college applications and presented their work to family, friends and colleges. The classrooms became exhibition spaces. Meet 4 students and the Principal that empowers them. Harlem Renaissance High School is part of a network of schools designed for teenagers who have been unsuccessful in other settings. These “transfer alternative” programs strive to get students interested enough in education to do what it takes to earn a high school diploma.
Street Corner Resources is a movement combatting youth violence through programs like “I Am Peace”. Together they instill love, support and education in Harlem youth. Street Corner Resources is a movement combatting youth violence through programs like “I Am Peace”.

Gabriel Urist: Jeweler on MetalSmithing, Branding, NBA & Teaching Kids

Leaving my editing office on Broadway, I bumped into “Gabe The Jeweler” for another unscripted conversation with a NYC entrepreneur. Gabriel Urist is simply a “1man show”. His past work/clients include the Air Jordan 5 “Platinum Gold” Pendants, ALIFE , the Air Jordan 4 Military Blue Pendant; the Adidas TS Pro Model Pendant are nothing less than amazing and he crafted a keychain of Converse’s newest silhouette dubbed the Pappalardo Pro to highlight some of his creation

Christian Alexander: Event Director, Family, Tats & Being Present

I met up w/ Gemini Christian Alexander at his NYC Bloody Sundays event and turned on the camera following him through a sea of people to find a quieter place to chat. He is the Event Dir. for Dirty Durty Diary, Industry Relations For Frank151, Promoter of La Esquina & The Box, member of G.T.G. (Atlanta Based party gang The Good Time Guys) & self proclaimed “International Player”! Best quotes: “Cross Country Pimpin, Figure 8″…”The Culture is our baby”…”Gangsters and Artists”…”Stay Present”

MAJORS: Entrepreneur, Detroit, NYC, Ugly Puppy & Taking Risk

 An entrepreneur of many talents. Actor, Musician & Marketing/PR guy. Majors was born in Detroit and moved to NYC 10 years ago to make moves and take risk to get closer to his dream. While walking thru downtown NYC, i bumped into Majors. The conversation ranges from difference btwn Detroit and NYC, why people dont take risk and connecting in NYC. “Success Exist 4 Those That Take Risk’ Majors

Spain Celebrates World Cup@ NYC’s Spanish Benevolent Society & Washington Sq Park(7/11/10)

 Walking along NYC’s 14th street, we joined about 50 others on the street watching a TV from the window of the Spanish Benevolent Society. The video starts when Spain scores “the” goal and continues with celebration being joined by 100s. People were acting like bullfighters and using their flags and joyously treating the cars and buses like bulls. The NYC Police were as a cool about it as they could be. We then head over to Washington Square Park. The celebration continued with many running through the water and waving their flags. I was in the right place at the right time on for the World Cup Final btwn Spain and Holland!! ESP ESP ESP..This is 1 of over 50 NYC Stories you will find at My Small Story.

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