My Small Story Mix: Detroit To NYC

Detroit Inspired. NYC Executed. The initial stories I filmed in my hometown of Detroit have grown into over 100 NYC stories. This is a mix of clips from 12  stories: Motown to Grotown (a conversation @Detroit hospital is the impetus for , Schott Free (former LOUD a&R, think Wutang, MoBB Deep), Stacey Mckenzie (Model/Entrepreneur told she was “too ugly to be” the supermodel she is today), Steven Mark Klein (New Yorker), Georgia (Family Beauty Business), Omar Dubois (Culture writer, traveler), Beans (Music artist@Label store), Openhouse Gallery (NYC’s #1 pop up space/experimential marketing), Uplifting Men (Homeless Activist), Samia & I@World Cup (unbeknownst to us, samia is 2-3 weeks pregnant with our daughter Chloe), Hussein Warmack (Founder, Nu South Lemonade) and Amel Larrieux (music artist loved by many, I first met Amel while filming the making of GURU’s Jazzmatazz).

Hussein Warmack, Founder of Nu South Lemonade

 Warmack, 35, grew up in Detroit and spent about five years in brand management for The Coca-Cola Co. before striking out on his own. After evaluating the beverage market, Warmack decided to create lemonades because, he says, just about everybody likes lemonade, but it is vastly underserved.  “All the lemonade brands that are out there right now are about grandma,” said Warmack, founder and CEO of United Beverage Group Inc.. “You’ve heard that story over and over.” During his time with Coca-Cola, Warmack enjoyed a pretty enviable career. Aside from the traditional trappings of success—high salary, international travel, rubbing shoulders with the jet set—he also got the chance to be involved in some highly visible branding projects.

 Maybe you’ve heard of a couple of them…. the Nu Classic Soul Campaign featuring the Roots and Musiq Soulchild? How about lifting an obscure Powerade from the shadow of sports beverage giant Gatorade by repositioning it as a true ‘lifestyle’ brand? Warmack certainly found himself involved in some innovative projects, laying the groundwork for a promising career.


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