Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

Category: Woodhaven

  • Century-Old Forest Park Carousel Reopens

     Designed by master craftsman Daniel Muller, just two of the 12 carousels designed by Muller are currently in existence — the one in Forest Park, Queens and another in Cedar Point, Ohio. After emigrating from Germany in the 1880s, Muller settled in Philadelphia and opened D.C. Muller and Brother Co., which operated from 1903 to 1914. […]

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  • SMILEY’S YARNS: NYC’s #1 Knitter’s Haven Since 1935

     My first time in a yarn store so I turned on the camera. I stumbled upon the knitting factory for  New York’s melting pot. Based in Woodhaven, NY, Smiley’s Yarns is a company, established in 1935, that sells discounted yarn online and in store.  Some of the name brand yarns that it supplies include Lion […]

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  • Jerry Murphy: From Drafting to Painting “Almost Angelina”

    Meet Jerry Murphy. Much loved local artist from Woodhaven, Queens whose current work is influenced by portals and perspectives. His first painting was of his wife over 40 years ago and has not stopped painting and creating a window into life with his work. I visited and filmed Jerry at his home gallery in Woodhaven, Queens. He currently has a exhibition in Williamsburg.

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  • Benny (Pt II): Vietnam Vet, Cancer Survivor, Sicilian & Environmentalist

    New Story: Benny was diagnosed with cancer and told he had 5-10 years to live. He decided to breath life into Forest Park in Queens. Turning the weeds into peace signs, mowing the lawn and saving the trees. It’s not a sad story. It is an inspiring one. A person for whatever reason, taking time out of his day to maintain the beauty in our park. Make sure to view part I.

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  • Benny (part I): Vietnam Vet, Cancer Survivor, Garbologist & Environmentalist

    New NYC Story: Meet Benny (part I): Vietnam Vet, Cancer Survivor, Garbologist & Environmentalist. After 20 years working w the NYC Sanitation Dept, Benny leveraged his passion and relationship with his community and is giving back via saling affording home furnishings via his garage (garbologist) and he curates Forest Park voluntarily 9this is part II).

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  • Queens Library Rally(6.03.10): The Kids Have Something To Say

    A SPECIAL REPORT: Yesterday afternoon, I heard the sounds of kids chanting “Save our Library”. I live across the street. I grabbed my camera….. Faced with the prospect of closing 14 local branches, reducing hours at an additional 34 locations and laying off as many as 400 employees, Queens Library officials, Kids and parents gathered at the Woodhaven location and rallied Tuesday. This story is from the angle of the kids and their guitar teacher.

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