My Small Story Mix: Detroit To NYC

Detroit Inspired. NYC Executed. The initial stories I filmed in my hometown of Detroit have grown into over 100 NYC stories. This is a mix of clips from 12  stories: Motown to Grotown (a conversation @Detroit hospital is the impetus for , Schott Free (former LOUD a&R, think Wutang, MoBB Deep), Stacey Mckenzie (Model/Entrepreneur told she was “too ugly to be” the supermodel she is today), Steven Mark Klein (New Yorker), Georgia (Family Beauty Business), Omar Dubois (Culture writer, traveler), Beans (Music artist@Label store), Openhouse Gallery (NYC’s #1 pop up space/experimential marketing), Uplifting Men (Homeless Activist), Samia & I@World Cup (unbeknownst to us, samia is 2-3 weeks pregnant with our daughter Chloe), Hussein Warmack (Founder, Nu South Lemonade) and Amel Larrieux (music artist loved by many, I first met Amel while filming the making of GURU’s Jazzmatazz).

Spain Celebrates World Cup@ NYC’s Spanish Benevolent Society & Washington Sq Park(7/11/10)

 Walking along NYC’s 14th street, we joined about 50 others on the street watching a TV from the window of the Spanish Benevolent Society. The video starts when Spain scores “the” goal and continues with celebration being joined by 100s. People were acting like bullfighters and using their flags and joyously treating the cars and buses like bulls. The NYC Police were as a cool about it as they could be. We then head over to Washington Square Park. The celebration continued with many running through the water and waving their flags. I was in the right place at the right time on for the World Cup Final btwn Spain and Holland!! ESP ESP ESP..This is 1 of over 50 NYC Stories you will find at My Small Story.

54 Kingdoms: Ghana Entrepreneurs, Twi Dialect, Okra Soup, Jersey #10 & World Cup

A WORLD CUP STORY: Meet the 2 Ghana born, Connecticut raised entrepreneurs behind 54 Kingdoms – Identity Through Fashion. I randomly spotting them selling their t-shirts on the street and from the car trunk & @ South African restaurant Bunny Chow at 1am on NYC’s lower eastside. 54 Kingdom’s mission is to bring the ideology of ethnicity, culture and fashion integration to a higher level by creating pieces tailored to the relevancy and appeal of our consumers. It is our mission to address the problem of cultural disassociation, using fashion as a means to create cultural inclusion.

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