“Know Self. Know Expression.” Steven Mark Klein, NotVogue.com Publisher

Walking through the Lower Eastside, I bumped into  Steven. A year ago, he launched www.NotVogue.com and today he was up for a chat on the fly. The site is pretty cool, and it described as “Counterculture vs Over the Counter Culture”. In response to a journalist question of , How do you decide who gets in Vogue? , The Paris-Vogue editor-in-chief said “You are Vogue or you are not Vogue .’ So I thought 1,000 of people in the world are Vogue and 7 billion on the planet are Not Vogue.” Steven walks us through the last year. Mr. Klein, a native of Brooklyn, has for three decades explored the relationship between contemporary culture and constructing efficient and proftable brand identity.  He named and branded the contemporary art fair Scope (global culture on the verge) and art sponsorship group SCENIC. Steven is a 1972 graduate of the New York School of Visual Arts.

“Life is 1 big party always wear black!” Catherine Malandrino, Black Denim jean expert

“My small story is that I love New York. I’m here for my internship with Black Denim. I always wear black. I love Spur Tree [restaurant]. I love Jamaican food. I’m from Copenhagen a very small boring city and I want to stay here for the rest of my life..Black denim is a swedish brand. I’m the jean expert.” While on Orchard street, the owner of Spur Tree restaurant introduced me to catherine. Our conversation covers her favorite stores in New York, best denim countries, cheap vs luxury and Copenhagen vs NYC.

The Little Shoe Store , New and Vintage Ladies Shoes In Sizes 3-6 Only (NYC)

 Walking along Orchard street, I was intrigued by the name of the shop and sizes. So I popped in and met the owner Cindy. She and her partner opened The Little Shoe Store a week ago. “My small story is that I have very small feet and have always had trouble finding shoes so the only way to get shoes for me was to develop a brand..a store”. I am glad I popped in, Cindy opened the shop last Saturday.

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