Adrian” I’m A Local Artist”

I was walking through Soho and Andrian was painting it. “Im a local artist..painting on spring and lafayette street. I love Soho. Ithas great energy and life i love painting. I picked up painting a few  years ago. I took an art class in college at Indiana University. I’m from Indiana. I’ve been in NewContinue reading “Adrian” I’m A Local Artist””

The Measure of Michael Anthony Pegues

 Michael Anthony Pegues, a fixture of the downtown art scene and true NY icon has finally found a home at FB Gallery to present his vision. “My small story is that as an artist I relied on a lot of things and that one thing was creating something on canvas.” The Measure of an ArtistContinue reading “The Measure of Michael Anthony Pegues”

The Inspiration Behind K-narf’s Yummy Yami Exhibition

“Art is a way to keep memory of things.”  Inspired by the true and fascinating story of Issei Sagawa, a Japanese man who engaged in acts of cannibalism while living in Paris, K-narf pushes the limits of how sex is portrayed in art—insisting on creating a jarring dialogue between images and the story behind them.Continue reading “The Inspiration Behind K-narf’s Yummy Yami Exhibition”

Artist K-narf , “Its FRANK reversed.”

“What is interesting too is to look at tomorrow better than to look at yesterday . we need to know what happen yesterday to be able to do what will be tomorrow.”  We met at a Williamsburg bar via my friend Louisa. They are both in town for his NYC exhibition at the FB galleryContinue reading “Artist K-narf , “Its FRANK reversed.””