Lloyd Tyler: Detroit Real Estate Entrepreneur

A Day in the Life with Lloyd. Lloyd Tyler , a Detroit native, attended a real estate seminar in 1993. The same year, he purchased his first home. Here we are 50 homes, 17 years and a Detroit economy later. We drive around the Westside of Detroit filming the neighborhoods and our conversations on the state of the Detroit housing market; how to tips, how he see’s Detroit in 2-3 years; advice after 17 years and we tour the 1 of his homes, as well as a number for sale homes and schools in the $1,000-$5,000 market that makes news headlines across the globe. I hope you enjoy Lloyd’s story. He is not just an experienced real estate contractor/developer. He is also my Uncle. So say hellllo to my Uncle Lloyd.

5 thoughts on “Lloyd Tyler: Detroit Real Estate Entrepreneur

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  1. Man. This is great advice. Detroit’s market is one of the best for investors right now. Can you believe how low the prices are on these homes?

  2. Very knowledgeable of the economy ….great business mind ….eloquent …and as him I predicated the same time that will take 4 the economy to recover …my boyfriend didn’t care or listen either . I thought cos I am girl who is ignorant of finance & economics & the stock, etc. Markets…..he believes me now….vivent les femmes…

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