Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

54 Kingdoms: Ghana Entrepreneurs, Twi Dialect, Okra Soup, Jersey #10 & World Cup

A WORLD CUP STORY: Meet the 2 Ghana born, Connecticut raised entrepreneurs behind 54 Kingdoms – Identity Through Fashion. I randomly spotting them selling their t-shirts on the street and from the car trunk & @ South African restaurant Bunny Chow at 1am on NYC’s lower eastside. 54 Kingdom’s mission is to bring the ideology of ethnicity, culture and fashion integration to a higher level by creating pieces tailored to the relevancy and appeal of our consumers. It is our mission to address the problem of cultural disassociation, using fashion as a means to create cultural inclusion.

3 responses to “54 Kingdoms: Ghana Entrepreneurs, Twi Dialect, Okra Soup, Jersey #10 & World Cup”

  1. I love the designs, the guys are pretty cool and have a bright future. Keep up the good work Africa~ We need more entrepreneurs like yourselves. Love

  2. Thank you so much Mr. Batchelor for allowing us to share our story with the world through you camera. It was a pleasure to come across you that evening. As I promised next time we are in the area we will def. stop by to pay homage. Much love and respect for your passion and craft. Keep the struggle and hunt alive.

    Nana Poku and the Rest of the 54 Kingdoms Family!

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