Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

Creative from the Heart: Detroit Entrepreneur, GM, “Learn Floral Design”, Giving & $2.50

In February, my family and I were looking for a florist for my Mother’s funeral. We selected a lady that was starting a floral business from her home. Plants. Flowers. Everywhere. My Aunt did the talking, I couldn’t really think. After we sorted our order of flowers, I was captured by her enthusiasm and passion. She is running a floral shop from her home..a floral home. Its called Creative From The Heart. We were lead to the right woman. Her story is inspirational to say the least. Nursing, General Motors, being saved and a husband that made her live on $2.50 a week. Lily is strong optimistic woman to say the least. Honestly, she represents the spirit of survival and bringing dreams to life. It is no surprise the celebrities when they are in Detroit call on Lily.

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