Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

Brooklynite Gallery: STEN & LEX, Mixed-Media, Street Art & Portraits

   Rae McGrath is the curator and owner of Brooklynite Gallery, located at 334 Malcolm X Boulevard. He purchased the space two years ago with his wife, Hope, it was intended to serve as his studio. He transformed the space into a living, breathing art gallery, which opened as the Brooklynite Gallery in 2008. This exhibition features STEN & LEX. They are widely considered to be the pioneers of “stencil graffiti” in their Italian homeland, doesn’t necessarily mean they are content with resting on the title. Best known for introducing their “halftone stencil” technique, these two self-proclamined “Hole School” artists spend ample time hand-cutting pixel dots and lines to compose their imagery which is best viewed from a distance.

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