Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

Iesha Sekou: She Has A Vision For Harlem’s Youth

She knows, loves and practices a vision of success for Harlem’s youth. Yesterday, I attended Harlem Renaissance High School’s “community feedback” meeting. It was an opportunity for the superintendent of schools to hear from parents, staff and activist “How do we improve Harlem Renaissance’s performance?” 100s of NYC schools are going through a similar process. Iesha’s speech (see video) and workshops at the HR high school is the kind of support that the next wave closing schools were not lucky to have.
She has an office at the school, visits the home’s of absent students with the principal, hugs the kids and more importantly, she only sees a vision of success for Harlem Youth. Support Harlem Renaissance. Iesha’s non-profit is…

Key Concerns: Harlem Renaissance was identified as Persistently Lowest Achieving by the New York State Education Department in Dec. 2010. Possibilities: Leadership change, Phasing the school out over time, Change in curriculum, staff changes and/or grade reconfiguration.

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