Art Is Over Here…

Icons Remix: Mr. Brainwash reopened the original massively hyped pop art exhibition, Icons, in a 15,000 square foot space at 415 West 13th Street (NYC). Mr. Brainwash (MBW), a pseudonym for Thierry Guetta, was supposedly a French documentarian and videographer turned street and pop artist, whose story is told through Bank’s 2010 film, Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Published by MY SMALL STORY

Over the past 15 years I have traveled, filmed and and acquired a library of over 6,000 hours. From the recording studio in NYC to South African Safari's, I have filmed my conversations and watched my library grow. On April 26, 2010, I launched in NYC as a way to share insight. My Small Story contextualizes life through a collection of unscripted filmed conversations with small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and everyday people filmed, edited & shared weekly by LaRon Batchelor – a videographer/ethnographer with 15 years experience filming conversations in 4 continents.

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