Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

The Granny Peace Brigade, Union Workers & Protest Dance @Occupy Wall Street (day 14)

“There’s no generation gap anymore. We are all 1.We are all together. We are learning from them and they are learning from us.” Granny Peace Brigade.

A History of Protest for the Raging Grannies

The Raging Grannies are no strangers to protest movements, either on a personal level or collectively. The organisation was founded in Canada, in 1987, where there are now 25 locally based groups or gaggles. Another 25 exist in the USA, while Israel, Britain and Australia have each got just one gaggle of Raging Grannies so far. More are expected to follow. The Raging Grannies International website sets out their mission statement: ‘Please pour yourself a cup of tea and join us inside. We are out in the streets promoting peace, justice, social and economic equality through song and humour.”

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