Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

A Day In The Life W/ Violin Maker Giancarlo Arcieri

  Giancarlo was born in NYC, son of renowned violin restorer and maker, Carlos Arcieri. Due to his father’s involvement with the Rembert Wurlitzer Violin Shop and direct apprenticeship under master maker, Simone Fernando Sacconi, Giancarlo was raised among some of the foremost luthiers and musicians. Arcieri Violins have been located at 244 west 54th street for  over 3 decades.

Giancarlo gave the first violin he created to his Mother “My father was a painter when he came to New York professionally in 60s 70s, then one of the guys that was picking up his paintings was this older Italian guy …ends up being one of the biggest violin makers in the world Fernando Sacconi. He taught a lot of guys in New York from all over the world. So Fernando Sacconi use to work for Wurlitzer, Wurlitzer pianos..Wurlitzer music family. They were violin makers as well. After they established the Wurlitzer violin shop in the 40s 50s. It became one the biggest violin shops in world, so Fernando Sacconi was the head of the shop and just asked my Father and do some work sweep the floors see if you like it..and the rest is history.” His father’s history and passion for violin making has been carried on by Giancarlo. He is now of the top violin makers in the New York City.

4 responses to “A Day In The Life W/ Violin Maker Giancarlo Arcieri”

  1. i just found this video of GC, a friend i’ve known for 10 years now, and i’ve never seen his studio until now! thanks so much for this – great work.

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