Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

Chinese American Rapper Luz On Everything Under The Sun..

 With 1.5 billion youth in China and the Chinese being the 3rd largest population in America, can you name any Chinese rapper flowing in English and Mandarin? “Yeah we bootleg…And what!?” Meet Luz as we stroll Chinatown and shop for his dinner at a Chinese supermarket. Born in China and raised in Brooklyn since 8, Luz just produced his first video with the mixtape to drop soon. Our conversation covers just as the title implies: His story, stereotypes, cultural differences between America and China, spam, learn some Mandarin, religion,health, tradition and he spits a little freestyle. “”Just trying to get my grind on..Born in China China. I got here in the mid-90s. I was like 8. Over here, you can say whatever you want and its all good. The asian community that grow up in the America have the freedom to say what they want, thats why I am want to be a musician. My mixtape is like east meets west..all the feelings we have bottled up inside” Luz

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