Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

Charles Pierre on The American Dream

 At 19 Charles owned his own business,  before he was 21 he owned his own house and on Feb 13, 2012 he won his first Golden Glove NYC boxing match. “I always felt blessed even when I didn’t have anything I felt blessed. I pray and worked for everything I got. Same thing as my father nothing came free for him. He drove a cab his whole life. He owns 7 houses right now, property high school diploma, no GED..straight from Haiti. Thats my #1 motivation. Thats the American dream.” I was introduced to Charles by Katibu Hatcher, I filmed his story last year. The conversation begins with Katibu giving an introduction to Charles, they are long time friends.

2 responses to “Charles Pierre on The American Dream”

  1. thats my dude.. congrats on all your achievements!!! its just the beginning, keep ur head up and keep living that “American/Haitian Dream” pave the way

  2. I know that dude he goes to my gym. He always looks so serious and focus when he trains. i over hear him saying he only does it for fun. If you do read this buddy don’t waste your talent. There are people who wish they had what you have.

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