Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

Rocky & Tee: Designers Behind Dope-Ties @Union Square

 “We both are from Miami I just moved out here she will be moving out here  in the summer and right now we make these things called Dope-Ties.”  At Union Square, I met creativeKunts Rocky ,21, & T ,20, and their friends that support them. Our conversation covers fashion, life, politics, KONY and and their 2 friends each share a personal story.  One of the young fellas says..”we are all little orphans..its hard..we were raised in a place about this size (he uses the hat on his head as a reference) ..its really hard for us..we look in local garbage cans..we do thrifting in the garbage he points to his shoes, jeans and shirts he says “this is from central park, washing sq and this is union..thats the brands..we just trying to rise above it all. ..we have to make it.”


& the Valid Like Salad dance…

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