Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

Artist K-narf , “Its FRANK reversed.”

“What is interesting too is to look at tomorrow better than to look at yesterday . we need to know what happen yesterday to be able to do what will be tomorrow.”  We met at a Williamsburg bar via my friend Louisa. They are both in town for his NYC exhibition at the FB gallery (April, 11, 2011). Born in France, this is K-narf’s first time in NYC.  About K-narf: Echoing the origins of street art by posting his works on public walls. Both conceptual and experimental, K-narf work documents, recycles and collects the “unusual,” bringing it to the forefront and reminding us all that the medium of photography is not limited to truth-seeking, but can also be a toy to create, play, and challenge audiences.

For the past decade K-narf has lived and exhibited worldwide including Japan, Australia, France, Singapore, USA, and Italy. His work has been shown, among others, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Scottsdale (US), Museum of Sydney, Japan Foundation for the Arts, The Yves Klein Archives, The French Embassy in Tokyo, Issey Miyake (Paris) , the Clic gallery in NYC and now FB gallery.

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