Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

Grandma’s Place In Harlem: Truly A Children’s Place

I could have spent the entire afternoon talking to ‘Grandma’. She is a champion for family literacy and founder of Grandma’s Place in Harlem, a popular destination for children’s books and toys…or stories. “Follow your dream.. Life is a journey so you have to have a plan..when u manifest those kind of things out into the universe they come to past..i have a 40 year old doll house that is that exact replica of the brownstone that I’m living in now..that dollhouse browsnstone was built 7 years before I moved into the actual brownstone. My children said they wanted a brownstone but I could not afford one so I built them for Christmas a brownstone dollhouse and 7 years later….I’m saying you have a plan and put it out there in the universe..I graduated from high school in 1957 . I did not get into college until 1970”. She attended Sarah Lawrence College. Our conversation covers her inspiration for Grandma’s Place, her favorite children’s books, family literacy, Harlem, small business and she gets me to read a passage from The Blacker The Berry..

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