Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

DJ Stormin Norman, The Sundae Sermon Story

“This summer we are doing The Harlem Tour..5 Harlem Parks” Harlem connects all people from all corners of the globe. Now in its 6th year, Sundae Sermon has continued this tradition with a simple and soulful day of dancing under the Uptown sun.

Sundae Sermon is an afternoon in the park of music, dancing,

family and community commerce. The foundation of

the sound of Sundae Sermon is positive house music and

peaceful tribal vibes. The spirit of house music comes

from the church; so it’s only befitting house music should

be the cornerstone of this public dance-party. New and

old house, blended with classic R&B (Barry White, Stevie

Wonder), Disco (Thelma Houston), Funk (Parliament), Soul

(James Brown, TSOP), Afro-Beat (Fela) and Latin (Oscar

D’leon). All musical genres that cross generations and borders.

This is music that makes people feel good!

Beautiful Morningside Park is the perfect location for a

diverse audience of all ages and cultures to enjoy a fun

afternoon of music and relaxation.

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