Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

Graffiti Artist Ted1 on Banksy & The Next Banksy @88 Prince Street (SOHO)

Mark Alequin aka Ted1″ was born and raised in the Lower East side ..been doing graffiti since 1980 and selling street art for 13 years. Its rough. I’ve been to jail for selling my art. I am a starving artist”. With Banksy getting so much love in NYC with his “Better In Than Out,” tour I wanted to get feedback from a NYC graffiti artist. I have seen Ted1 for years selling his art on Prince street between Mercer and Broadway in Soho. We talk about the history of NYC graffiti, his story, Banksy and the future. If you have walked along Prince street btwn mercer & Broadway over the last 13 years, you know his face and work. His work is prominently displayed on the brick walls along Prince street.

2 responses to “Graffiti Artist Ted1 on Banksy & The Next Banksy @88 Prince Street (SOHO)”

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