Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

“I was extremely nervous launching in NYC!” The Cracker King

How to launch a CPG brand in NYC without a major chain authorization: #TheCrackerKing case study. #GlutenFreeCrackers

Portland based The Cracker King is available nationally @ Sprouts Farmers Market and Pacific Northwest Whole Foods Market and Kroger.

Jovani Prince , founder, wants to establish an east coast presence and go from zero to 300 stores in months. He can wait until other regions are turned on @ Whole Foods and other major east coast chains discover The Cracker King’s story.

Or, be proactive and bring his story closer. In August 2022 I enlisted a local, reputable NYC distributor that all the specialty stores work.

And, then Jovani flew to NYC on Sunday and we spent the last couple days visiting the distributor’s top 50 accounts.

With the right temperament Magic happens!

After 2 days in Brooklyn, The Cracker King is now available @ 40 NYC independent/specialty stores such as Key Food, Food Garden Market, Lincoln Market, Foodtown, Ctown, Brooklyn Harvest & Mekelburgs and KEHE is now supplying the Northeast with The Cracker KING. The response from buyers and customers has been incredible. The best part is the distributor and retailers now know Jovani supports his brand!

Sea Salt is my favorite sku!

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