Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

The Source Farm: Jamaica’s First Eco-village Founded in Johns Town

Yesterday, I met Dwight Shirley, one of the family members behind The Source Farm, which evolved from a need for Jamaicans to return home to Jamaica and spark “community activism”.  The Source Farm Foundation and Learning Village is a multicultural, intergenerational eco-village, located in Johns Town, in the parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica. The Source Farm is a not-for-profit started and managed by the Shirley Family. Our conversation covers how and why they started The Source Farm, the challenges, the volunteers involved, the history of Johns Town and what’s it like working with family.

5 responses to “The Source Farm: Jamaica’s First Eco-village Founded in Johns Town”

  1. My name is carol Hamilton. My family and I are from Port Morant, St. Thomas. Lots of props to you and your project. it nice to see some of us go back home and contribute to the community. My uncle went back to JA and owns and operates Golden Shore Hotel which in down the bottom from Johns Town right at Johns Town Crossing.

  2. Awesome idea, The Source Farm. I grew up in St. Thomas (Jamaica) and those are some of the nicest country people you ever want to meet.

  3. I am doing an undergrad project about Eco-cites an i thought it was up to me to point out to the critics that St. Thomas does have potential for development… so this was very interesting to me and if the Shirley family don’t mind i would like to use their project as a case study.

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