Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

The Blisslife of Amel Larrieux from Groove Theory & Sweetback

Today’s temperature was uncomfortably hot and humid but I perked up when I bumped into R&B songwriter Amel Larrieux at Broadway and 10th street. She has just returned from a vacation in the Bay area. We walk along 10th street and she shares the excitement about having her daughter in her band which comes out later this year on Blisslife Recordsr; her love of taking walks and “daydreaming in New York”; her definition of knowledge/wisdom and advice for going after dreams.

Amel Larrieux, was born in New York City’s, Greenwich Village, her mother was a dance critic and professor named Brenda Dixon Gottschild. She was always a creative minded person since a tender age, and fortunately was surrounded by talented family members and inspiring artists.

6 responses to “The Blisslife of Amel Larrieux from Groove Theory & Sweetback”

  1. Laron, You have great timing!i love your small stories.They are so in the moment and the questions you asked are so relevant and spot on to each indivual!!!Keep up the good work!!!
    Big Respects

  2. Awesome questions! Way to take advantage of that golden opportunity. I really enjoyed watching this on the spot interview. She could have probably lived her whole life with no make-up and still did well in the music business. 🙂

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