Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

THE MIDDLE FEAST: A Chickpea Mashup

THE MIDDLE FEAST is a hummus-tasting competition and the only Middle East battle worth fighting. Peacefully, with a glass of white, rosé or gris from Le Poisson as well as North African-inspired juice from Bella Lula and baklava from Zalatimo’s Old City Bakery. The centerpiece of course are the chickpea-based dishes made by New York City’s finest hummus chefs. Yesterday,  I filmed the participants which included 12 Chairs, Le Sajj, Moustache, Pita Joe and Toum. The chefs created their signature hummus dishes, pitas and homemade breads for the Openhouse Middle Feast. 12 Chairs won the competition.

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