Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

McKenzie Eddy, “Slow Your Horse Down, Son.”

 “My small story is..Im from Hilton Island, South Carolina..been in NY for like 4yrs ago..I move around the world a lot through music..came up here to work with Damon Dash. I get to be creative and administrative. I run his record company for him. I’ve ben to China, Thailand, Jamaica, Costa Rica, I’ve played music in all those places.. New York  life is being around real artists..nothing is like New York.” Her new album is titled ‘Slow Your Horse Down, Son’.

McKenzie Eddy is the co-founder, alongside music mogul Dame Dash and Raquel Horn, of the media collective known as DD172.

Not only did she help found the creative conglomerate, Eddy is also the president of BluRoc records, a label that released the last two albums from producer Ski Beatz, as well as 2009′s critically acclaimed Blackroc project which featured rappers Ludacris, Curren$y, Mos Def, and Jim Jones, along with singer Nicole Wray and more, collaborating with Grammy Award-winning duo The Black Keys.

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