The Story Behind Noelle Ghoussaini’s Play ‘The Wall: A Story of the Land’

 I bumped into friend my Azza in Washington Sq park and met  Noelle, the Director  of the play she is marketing. “The impetus for The Wall..was  partly traveing to palenstine and seeing the wall there..thinking about physical boundaries…that people put up and I have personally gone through losses both due to death and relationships w people that made me start building up my own interior i was trying to investigate the exterior..interior barriers..  why be put walls iI wrote this short story.” The wall is an allegorical, science-fiction performance piece that explores a projected future society, depleted of the earth’s resources; a society where a dominant community, living in the Vast Lands, live off of their oppressed neighbors by confining them within Honeycomb Reserves (walled-off communities) and using their energy to sustain their more luxurious lifestyle. The play takes place on the day when the general of the Vast Lands has passed a bill to build a new wall to cut off Honeycomb Reserve 503 from the sea, one of the few symbols of hope this community has left. The piece explores the perspectives of inhabitants on both side of the wall and the external and internal barriers each of them face in relation to the imposing structure that separates their communities.

Published by MY SMALL STORY

Over the past 15 years I have traveled, filmed and and acquired a library of over 6,000 hours. From the recording studio in NYC to South African Safari's, I have filmed my conversations and watched my library grow. On April 26, 2010, I launched in NYC as a way to share insight. My Small Story contextualizes life through a collection of unscripted filmed conversations with small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and everyday people filmed, edited & shared weekly by LaRon Batchelor – a videographer/ethnographer with 15 years experience filming conversations in 4 continents.

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