Filmed, interviewed, edited & shared by LaRon Batchelor.

Sxip Shirey @New Museum Block Party 2012 (NYC)

 Sxip Shirey describes his music as “John Cage makes love to a circus while listening to Public Enemy”.  I filmed the atmosphere of the New Museum Block Party to the flow of Sxip’s flute. Sxip Shirey is a composer and performer who lives in New York City. Ecstatic melodies, unimaginable sounds, and deep beats are played using industrial flutes, bullhorn harmonicas, regurgitated music box, triple-extended pennywhistles, a miniature hand bell choir, obnoxiophone, glass bowls with red marbles, human beatbox, and a handful of curious objects.

One response to “Sxip Shirey @New Museum Block Party 2012 (NYC)”

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