McKenzie Eddy, “Slow Your Horse Down, Son.”

 “My small story is..Im from Hilton Island, South Carolina..been in NY for like 4yrs ago..I move around the world a lot through music..came up here to work with Damon Dash. I get to be creative and administrative. I run his record company for him. I’ve ben to China, Thailand, Jamaica, Costa Rica, I’ve played musicContinue reading “McKenzie Eddy, “Slow Your Horse Down, Son.””

Q-Tip on “Hotel Amazon” & A Tribe Called Quest

After spending a great scenic day driving around my borough of Queens, I jumped on the J train and took an evening stroll through the East Village. I bumped into a true ambassador of Queens, Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest. He was enjoying a stroll as well but was cool enough to share aContinue reading “Q-Tip on “Hotel Amazon” & A Tribe Called Quest”

Maxim Magazine’s Top 5 Best Dinners, #2 Spur Tree’s Oxtail Stew

  I was having my usual sorrel & ginger beer at Spur Tree catching up with owner/chef Sean John and I see a Maxim magazine on the bar. The Braised Oxtail is the 2011 #2 Best Dinners in America according to Maxim. And reggae artist  Sean Paul wrote the review  “When I’m in New York,Continue reading “Maxim Magazine’s Top 5 Best Dinners, #2 Spur Tree’s Oxtail Stew”

My Small Story Mix II

14 NYC stories in 14 minutes. A thread of conversations beginning with a new New Yorker  who is proof that people move to NYC from all over the world; a man roller skating w the bottom of a mannequin on his head  in soho; Freedom Bradley Dir-City Parks Foundations on what else “NYC Parks”; FounderContinue reading “My Small Story Mix II”

Culture Critic Amy Linden on 28 yrs in Fort Greene, Rafael Saadiq & Obama

“Bitchin about what Brooklyn is now is like bitchin about what Hip-Hop use to be like..aint gonna happen..Paid In Full is not coming back out again.” Amy moved to Fort Greene 28 years ago from the Lower Eastside. We have been friends since  the 90’s when I lived in Fort Greene & Clinton Hill. AfterContinue reading “Culture Critic Amy Linden on 28 yrs in Fort Greene, Rafael Saadiq & Obama”

The Blisslife of Amel Larrieux from Groove Theory & Sweetback

Today’s temperature was uncomfortably hot and humid but I perked up when I bumped into R&B songwriter Amel Larrieux at Broadway and 10th street. She has just returned from a vacation in the Bay area. We walk along 10th street and she shares the excitement about having her daughter in her band which comes outContinue reading “The Blisslife of Amel Larrieux from Groove Theory & Sweetback”

Larry Wright: Talent, Drumsticks, Concrete & Buckets@West 4th Street Subway Station

IF you ride the NYC subways, with delays comes entertainment.The  West 4th station has the best bucket-drummer in NYC – Larry Wright. And yesterday, I along with 75 other people waiting on the uptown and downtown orange line were well will you. People cheered from platform to platform. The 5 minute delay was definitelyContinue reading “Larry Wright: Talent, Drumsticks, Concrete & Buckets@West 4th Street Subway Station”

BAKER’S Gansevoort Hotel Performance

Chris Baker graduated from college last year and with his parents support he launched his Electronica music career. And with the support of the Gansevoort Hotel, he performed at the opening of their Park Avenue location. After witnessing the crowds reaction, I had to ask him his story. “To get this as my first gigContinue reading “BAKER’S Gansevoort Hotel Performance”

NYC Culture Fix: Art Gallery, Design Electronics & Bar All in 1

“Why Just Be A Bar?”  I stumbled across the Culture Fix on a Friday night. Culture Fix is primarily a future-focused design and gadget store hawking everything from lomography to high-end speakers. Culture Fix has a downstairs bar, meaning each visit generally entails some fun exploration through technology, design, art and booze

Harlem Renaissance High School w Street Corner Resources (WBLS.Com)

 The Kid’s are alright! I shadowed Iesha of Street Corner Resources at Harlem Renaissance High School for their 1st annual Video Expo. The students created videos to enhance their college applications and presented their work to family, friends and colleges. The classrooms became exhibition spaces. Meet 4 students and the Principal that empowers them. Harlem RenaissanceContinue reading “Harlem Renaissance High School w Street Corner Resources (WBLS.Com)”