New York Small Businesses, Residents During Sandy #East Village Feedback

Thursday afternoon I took a stroll from Delancey to Union Square. At Clinton & Houston, I talked with the owner art-bar Culture Fix. Then met a homelss crew that shared some advice for those temporarily homeless. As I was walking up 1st avenue, I noticed about 30 or so people standing around outside 100 year old Saifee hardware store. They were all charging their batteries. The owner is sharing the power from their generator and provided multiple outlets. At 12th street and 1st avenue, I notice a sign for free curry and met the owner of Sapparo restaurant. They have been in business for over 30 years. The resturant was full and people were leaving tips of appreciation. As I was leaving the East Village, I came across the Guardian Angels, who shared some important tips for roaming the NYC streets wihout street lights.

Stylist Melanie, From Amsterdam To NYC

  When you visit a city or country that you would like to live and work, how do you make the leap from tourist visa to resident? Short answer, have brunch at Balthazar.  Melanie arrived in NYC with a 3 week visa hoping that it could be longer. During her 1st week in NYC while having coffee at Balthazar, she got a random invite to a BBQ. She told her American friend  “I don’t know anyone in the City so I’m just going to go.” Well, following her intuition lead to her first job and 4 years in NYC working for editors from  Vogue, Elle, Glamour, etc.

Annette Frey, Biscuits by Lambchop – Founder & Doggie Lifestyle Expert

  I thought I was just filming a story about a NYC dog lover and met Annette Frey, a dog owner that created a healthy treat Biscuits by Lambshops that’s distributed at dog shops around NYC and online. What happens if your dog is allergic to every treat on the market, leaving you with no edible reward options? Annette thought she was out of luck after her dog Lambchop developed a myriad of medical issues, including kidney disease and food allergies, and was placed on strict dietary guidelines. With nothing to reward him but a “good boy” and a pat on the head, she knew she had to do more. She not only developed a healthy treat that he loved but now those treats are available at shops around New York City such as Bark Place on the upper east side, Salty Paw, Paw Paw and Urban Canis in Soho.

Biscuits by Lambchop™ dog treats are free of gluten, soy, corn, rice, dairy, eggs, nuts, animal proteins and preservatives and are low in fat, sodium and phosphorus to accommodate the needs of dogs who have these restrictions in their diet, such as those with some types of kidney, liver and pancreas problems.

“Don’t Sell Yourself Short, Live Life Open and Reallize That There Are Opportunities Everywhere” Harlem Public co-owner Lauren Lynch

I have walked by the Harlem Public under construction sign and like everyone else I wanted to know the story. Lauren Lynch & Jay Janawsky are opening the pub in a matter of weeks and all the garnishes for the cocktails will be grown in Maggie’s garden located just behind the bar. Maggie’s Garden opened in 1996. I had a wonderful conversation with Lauren and Maggie about the impetus for the pub, the garden, their collaboration and we tour the bar and garden. Maggie has received tremendous support from Bette Midler’s New York Restoration project, with the goal of revitalizing neglected neighborhood parks in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods of New York City.

2 months after I posted the Harlem Public story, they were featured in the Wall Street Journal 

“My #1 philosophy in life is put yourself out there” Grayson Gordon aka Kaiser Sosay

Grayson quit his Calvin Klein job in order to realize his music dream. “If u don’t love people for people..and you look at somebody and see color..or look and see poor or  you see ugly well fuck you I look at people and I see a person..a person from God..a person that is on this earth..if you cant respect that you cant respect shit.” Meet  Grayson Gordon aka Kaiser Sosay. He is  a 26 years old music artist, driven and compassionate. I love his spirit.

“Know Self. Know Expression.” Steven Mark Klein, Publisher

Walking through the Lower Eastside, I bumped into  Steven. A year ago, he launched and today he was up for a chat on the fly. The site is pretty cool, and it described as “Counterculture vs Over the Counter Culture”. In response to a journalist question of , How do you decide who gets in Vogue? , The Paris-Vogue editor-in-chief said “You are Vogue or you are not Vogue .’ So I thought 1,000 of people in the world are Vogue and 7 billion on the planet are Not Vogue.” Steven walks us through the last year. Mr. Klein, a native of Brooklyn, has for three decades explored the relationship between contemporary culture and constructing efficient and proftable brand identity.  He named and branded the contemporary art fair Scope (global culture on the verge) and art sponsorship group SCENIC. Steven is a 1972 graduate of the New York School of Visual Arts.

Adrian” I’m A Local Artist”

I was walking through Soho and Andrian was painting it. “Im a local artist..painting on spring and lafayette street. I love Soho. Ithas great energy and life i love painting. I picked up painting a few  years ago. I took an art class in college at Indiana University. I’m from Indiana. I’ve been in New York 1 year. The hardest part is making the first step.”

Skully Games “It’s A New York City Street Game”

After filming the kid’s lemonade stand story, the vendor next to them says. “Have you heard of Skelly?” I said you want to share a story. “It’s A New York City Street Game that all the OGs and old school grew up on. What I did was patent it and made sure everything we did in the street we can now play in the house, in the schools, YMCA and after school programs.”

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